The Grand Mafia

I have been playing a game new to me on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. There are many strategic points to consider including Building, Investments, and Crew makeup. Crew makeup has two major parts: Enforcers and Associates. Here are links to the results of a spreadsheet analysis of Enforcer attributes which I used to select what I think are the best enforcers for specific tasks. The selection was done by weighing the attributes and the level at which they are attained. Admittedly it is a little crude but perhaps it can aid you in choosing your Enforces. The next plan is to evaluate the Associate makeup by task. Have fun and stay safe.

11/14/23 UPDATE; Added new enforcers Papi and Tengu

11/15/23 UPDATE: Added new enforcer Nihilista

11/16/23 UPDATE: Add new enforcers Mickey and Huntress

11/17/23 UPDATE: Add new enforcer Fang

11/20/23 UPDATE: Added new enforcers Chupacabra and Sicario. Added new columns for associate type boosted.

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